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Luke with a real cactus
Luke with a real cactus, somewhere in Arizona.


Why write biographies if you can just write a list of easily-digestible bulletpoints instead?

  • I’ve lived in Corpus Christi, TX since February 2020.
  • I grew up in the Austin and San Marcos, TX area.
  • My wife and I have 6 cats 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈
  • I’ve been building websites since 2010.
  • I love games, and only played on PC until recently I switched to an Xbox
  • I’ve done apartment maintenance, logistics sales, and performance theater set construction.
  • I’ve been to the Yukon, Vancouver BC, San Francisco, Chicago, Kansas City, Phoenix, most major Texas cities, and some smaller ones, notably Marfa, TX.
  • One time I fist-bumped Levar Burton.

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