Bacon Ipsum

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Just found this unusual Lorem Ipsum generator called Bacon Ipsum. It uses meat references when generating the text, and is rather amusing:

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet t-bone hamburger brisket turkey short ribs. Salami drumstick ground round pork loin short ribs flank. Shankle short loin ball tip pork chop drumstick. Flank jowl tail, ground round biltong venison hamburger turkey ham strip steak shank pork loin pork belly fatback tongue. Jerky swine brisket shoulder, tri-tip bresaola tongue biltong sirloin ribeye. Brisket flank shankle, hamburger corned beef tail sirloin pork chop ground round jowl beef short ribs pig tenderloin pastrami. Pastrami salami chuck sirloin, tongue andouille cow turkey corned beef.

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