Listen to that purr...

Yeah, the LucasBlog is now up and running, and I managed to import content from both my existing blogs as well, located first on Blogger and then Tumblr.

Really liking the iOS app, it’s just awesome. And the plugins are a plus too. Just need to fix up the social links and things should be great theme wise.

In other news, I discovered this awesome app called Boxcar, a notifications app for your iDevice for a lot of services out there, because some apps just simply don’t send out Push notifications very well.

The exciting part about this is that I can use TweetBot or whatever I like for Twitter clients, because now Push isn’t a priority anymore.

Best part, it’s free! Just go to and register, get the app, and have fun.

Another thing I’m playing around with is a popular bookmarks site called Instapaper, this is where I will store links to things I find in StumbleUpon in my bored times on my iPod. Pretty neat so far.

Now, let’s hope this Twitter publishing plugin works.