Opera 11.50 Released

Today, Opera 11.50 was released.

In this release, Opera Software has given the Opera browser a whole new skin, Speed Dial enhancements by adding support for widgets, and you can now sync your passwords with Opera Link (yay).

The whole design is fresh, sleek, and the browser feels faster, if the thing could get even faster.

Here’s a screenshot of the new version in the exciting Opera series:

As you can see, they’ve given it a makeover, even redoing the classic Opera menu button.

This is an exciting release, and I’m glad they’ve finally added support for syncing passwords, because that’s what made me finally switch over to Chrome. I’m going to be using Opera more often now :D

[b]You can download the Opera Browser at their website:[/b] http://opera.com

What do you think of this release? Have you tried it yet?