Updated to WordPress 3.1.4

Just updated the blog to WordPress 3.1.4. Nothing major, some security stuff I don’t usually read except when bored, and the update went through seamlessly.

But I read something interesting while updating.

This release clears the way for WordPress 3.2, which will be a major subversion update. I’m eagerly awaiting it because it’s going to be faster. That’s the main thing for me, speed, speed, and more speed in every web project.

Other things include dropping support for the 4s, which means MySQL 4 and PHP 4 users won’t be able to use the thing, which isn’t an issue, they should have dropped it long ago imo.

Another thing is a better post editor, idk what the details are of course.

I’m considering testing the beta later on my WordPress testing installation later, they have a nice plugin for it lol.