What I've been up to - 06-09-2011

Well, ever since I bought Minecraft on Saturday morning I’ve been playing it like crazy. Awesome game, it’s something I knew I was lacking but didn’t know it, that’s how I feel. Found an awesome server at www.mcmines.com, and have a nice little cave dug out underground, with a tower nearby and a tunnel under the main city, both of which I’m constructing. Very fun. I wish the server was online 24/7 however, there are times when I’m ready to play and the admin hasn’t started it yet.

Been posting an insane amount on other forums to earn Postloop points, I’ve earned quite a lot so far, and am undecided about either cashing them in or using them for my forum. Problem is, the postloopers don’t stay, if you lose your points then they leave and post on other forums, which isn’t what I want; I want them to stay and be a part of the forum without me having to automatically pay them in points.

Another thing I’ve been playing with is CloudFlare’s apps, I’ve found Apture to be a huge time saver on sites and have installed the Chrome extension. Highlighting texting and having the search results in a small window without changing pages is awesome.

About Tumblr, the interface is nice and all, but I’m concerned about page performance right now. They don’t have any compression whatsoever enabled, and I would love to get CloudFlare on my blog. And besides that, the app for my iPod sucks. It’s a big deal when you can’t type in landscape mode on the new post screen. So, I’m considering making a WordPress blog on a subdomain of my site, it will allow more customization than Tumblr does and I will be able to make the speed improvements I want to make, plus so much more. Problem is I like Tumblr’s tag search feature, there’s some very nice stuff on there, and reblogging is cool. Lately StumbleUpon is becoming more and more a useful tool for inspirations of new posts, and I think I shouldn’t be that bad off if I use it when or if I start a WordPress powered blog. And besides that, they’ve got an iPod app that will let you type in landscape mode. clap.gif.

We’ll see, I’m going to be playing with the WordPress installation I’ve got on my test site, get some plugins installed, find a better theme, etc.