CloudFlare and ECC

Recently, possibly a month or two ago, I’m not certain which, I set up CloudFlare on my domain. Things were very speedy for all of that time, and I enjoyed its benefits.

However, today, it seems CloudFlare’s cache is having problems. CSS and images files weren’t loading on either ECC or this blog, and for a while there I thought it was my host.

Well, turns out I was wrong, and it is indeed CloudFlare. I have proven this by deactivating it on the site and all the issues have stopped.

Of course, I did go through the regular diagnostics in CloudFlare, clearing the cache, disabling each option one by one, but clearing the cache only worked briefly, which added to the confusion before I realized what was causing it.

Tomorrow, I’m submitting a bug report to them to see if I can get this fixed, if not, then I guess it was great while it lasted :(