Jailbreakme.com 3.0 is out

Sorry for the late post, you’ve no doubt been spammed in your news feed in multiple services about it, but here’s my little article :P

JailBreakMe.com is a site that you can visit on your iDevice and jailbreak it there. It’s quite handy as you don’t need a utility such as redsn0w or Sn0wBreeze to jailbreak it with, you just pop in the URL in Safari and then tap the Free button and then Install. It will then download some PDF files to your device and jailbreak it.

So far it works on iOS 4.3.3, comex was in a hurry since some person leaked it last week and gave Apple a head start, but it will jailbreak your iPad 2, your iPhone, and your iPod Touch as long as they are running 4.3.3. He plans to add support for earlier versions soon, but 4.3.3 was made top priority as Apple is definitely going to release an update called iOS 4.3.4 to patch the vulnerability.

Because of the imminent doom of JBME, comex recommends downloading TinyUmbrella and saving your SHSH blobs so that if you accidentally update to 4.3.4 when it’s released you can restore and remain jailbroken.

Here’s a picture of the site on my iPod Touch 4G: