Review: The 2 best Twitter clients

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Review: The two best Twitter clients

There’s a lot of Twitter clients out there, so we thought we’d test what some blogs we’re following recommended and write about our experience with each one, post a screenshot, and talk about the pros and cons of the applications.

TweetDeck Logo

TweetDeck is quite amazing. It’s an awesome Twitter client that runs on multiple platforms as it’s an Adobe Air application, and has some awesome features. Let’s take a look:

I have my Twitter, Facebook, and Google Buzz accounts set up in TweetDeck, and it really saves time, as I have three Twitter accounts to manage.



Overall a nice app, and I highly recommend it. I rate it 8 out of 10, because I really want to know if someone’s following me and I want to know quickly ;)

You can download it here:


Sobees is another interesting client, however it’s not multiplatforum except for its iOS apps, but the client itself depends on the .NET framework and runs on Windows only. Here’s a list of features from the site:

I also set up my accounts in it, and was able to update multiple accounts, etc. However, it’s a bit buggy, when I tried to add my Facebook account it gave me an error during authentication with Facebook and then added the Facebook account while saying the account couldn’t be added.



Not the best Twitter client out there, but it does the job. I give it a rating of 5/10, because of the Facebook errors and the lack of notifications.

You can download it here:

And that concludes our review of the two best Twitter clients as we found them. I know I’ve left out clients like Seesmic and Metrotwit, but I don’t like Seesmic that much, it’s rather slow, and I’ve written about Metrotwit before.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to comment with your thoughts and experiences with them.