"Wave" for Windows

“Wave” for Windows is an awesome theme a friend referred me to recently.

Put together using CSS, Photoshop, and awesomeness, it’s given my Windows installation a light, fresh, and fast feel to it, which aids immensely in my daily deliberations on whether to boot Windows or Linux ;)

Well I could sit here all day and type about how awesome it is, so let’s get a screenshot here before we get too far into it:

This is my desktop, right after the installation. Mind the mess, I’m a busy guy ;)

As you can see, Wave has taken a different approach on the styling of Windows, eliminating a lot of the gloss and shiny stuff and replacing it with a more elegant and smooth theme, with some common open source icons thrown in.

I have to say I really like the Explorer windows the most, reminds me of OS X somewhat, just sleeker if that’s possible.

Installation is fairly simple, you download the zip archive, extract it, and then run the installer, if all goes well it will download this program called CustoPack which was used to build this theme with. If it doesn’t go well, like when I installed it, you’ll have to get CustoPack yourself and for best results install it before running the theme’s executable. I’ll be including a link to that as well.

After it installs, you’ll be asked to reboot your system, and when you log back in again on the impressive Welcome Screen you’ll have to wait a minute or two to finish up what it’s doing. The end result is well worth it imo.

Now I know by now you’re itching to get it, so here’s the links, and enjoy! :)


Wave by seahorsepip

If you don’t like the dock at the top of the screen when you’ve finished, then you can open up CustoPack tools from the Start Menu and navigating to Settings and Configuration > CustoPack Tolls Options and deselecting Rocket dock (uncheck the Ask toolbar thing too, no one uses that :P). Then click the green gears in the dock and deselect the start up option.

Looking forward to your thoughts and experiences with it!