Blog improvements

Well, I worked on my blog today, decided I didn’t like the current theme, and found this really awesome theme called Side Blog outside of the WordPress theme database.

Definitely an improvement, and the blog I quickly slapped together in Photoshop really fits it in my opinion.

Also, as you may have noticed, I changed the name of my blog to The LucasBlog, definitely a better name, because it’s shorter and it still gets the point across - it’s my blog *wink*

Had some trouble with Disqus’s display of the number of comments and reactions on the index, I had to dig through many files before I found the lines I needed to remove. Turns out there’s two functions in disqus.php that contain the data-disqus-identifier tag I found in the links to the comments by using inspect element on them. Glad it’s gone, they were interfering with the theme in a horrible way. And no, checking the option to put the Disqus JS in the footer didn’t fix it ;)

Eventful day for my blog I suppose, might have to write up a guide for that Disqus issue with this theme, we’ll see.