Gradiance for IP.Board and EnigmaBlue for MyBB

December 20, 2011

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Yesterday I went on a coding spree and got a new theme made, called Gradiance. It’s for IP.Board, and I think it’s pretty awesome.

Last night I submitted it to the IPS Marketplace and it got approved today. I’m selling it for $3.99 there and I hope it brings some money in.

You can see pics and buy it here:

Another thing I did last night was submit the version of EnigmaBlue for MyBB that I made for a site I’m working on called Firmware Repo. It’s a lot similar to EnigmaBlue for Vanilla, but modified to fit MyBB. I think it looks very nice.

You can see pics and download it here:

I’m surprised at how quickly it got approved on the MyBB mods site, I’ve heard tales of it taking days for it to happen.

Should get me some nice backlinks.

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