Cleaned up Twitter

I follow a lot of people on Twitter every day. Most of them are related to projects I was looking at on that particular day, others are interests, and still more are people I try out, to get to know them.

Things were stressful with that high following count. And busy. I’d spend all day on Twitter keeping up with each batch of tweets that came in, and then I’d get tons of them during the night and have to try to read all of them the next morning, which turned out impossible. And so I missed the really important stuff, lost in a sea of mayhem, spam, and drama.

I figured following 700 people was too much. And so I’ve cleaned out that list and whittled it down to about 250 people. Most of accounts removed either didn’t tweet anymore or tweeted too much uninteresting stuff, and others were part of old projects I don’t need or want to keep up on anymore.

And man, it’s nice having that cleaned up. I don’t have to live on Twitter anymore and I don’t miss the important things.

If you haven’t cleaned your following list up recently I recommend you do so. It’s awesome.