Slipstreaming XP

Finally got an old Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop working after replacing the motherboard twice and finding new RAM cards. It’s got XP on it, however I installed Linux Mint XFCE to see if it would perform better, which it does, but unfortunately I can’t get the wireless driver working.

It’s the same laptop I used in early 2011 and I remember having Ubuntu on it, however I think things have changed since then and the drivers I used don’t work anymore, or maybe it’s just the way Mint is. Anyway, I’m going to delete both partitions and reinstall XP to make things speedy again.

However, I don’t like waiting for updates, so I’m slipstreaming XP using nLite. Been years since I last did that, used to have a lot of fun making tons of ISOs with different configurations, as well as adding XPize and setting up automatic installation settings like the product key and stuff. Fun times.

Glad nLite is still around.