Podcastin', and other stuffs

Well, the holidays went by quickly for me, I basically spent a month playing World of Tanks, starting before Thanksgiving and ending around Christmas. Then I got to work on a podcast with a friend of mine.

We recorded it on the 6th this month, and while I don’t talk much, I think it came out pretty good. I’m in charge of all the editing, website management, and other tech stuff like that, while my friend Chris is managing what we talk about and stuff. It’s fun.

Yesterday I spent the evening tinkering with what to host the actual audio files on. I needed a place that supports byte-range, is free, and can host quite a few files. I experimented with several file-sharing services, and it turns out Google Drive does not give you direct file links. It just takes you to the download page which doesn’t help if you’re trying to host podcast episodes from it. Darn it.

And Cubby, which I have 10 GB of space on and love to pieces because it’s so awesome, doesn’t support byte-range, so I can’t use it either. I’m forced to use Dropbox. Ugh. Almost had to go find another place too during the Dropbox experiment, it looked like it was doing the same thing Google Drive was doing, but everything was ok in the end.

So now the file is hosted, and the podcast is awaiting approval on iTunes. In the meantime, you can listen in on the official site: http://createdlistening.com/blog