Moving my sites to a VPS

Published 2 minute read

Decided it was time to ditch the shared host I’ve been using for the past year and set up a VPS to run my sites on. I haven’t had much trouble with my current host though, Hawkhost is pretty decent - it’s just I’d like to have more control over things than a shared host can’t let me have control over, like installing PHP extensions for example. And, it’s something fun to do. Or at least it is when it goes smoothly, but so far, it’s gone pretty smooth.

Using the 512 MB “droplet” from DigitalOcean, and I think it’s pretty great so far. Really like the control panel and how easy it is to get a VPS up and running, and cheap ($1/month for each VPS) automatic backups are awesome.

So I’m slowly migrating my sites over, my blog was first, and it seems a lot snappier than it used to be on my shared host. I think Blockscape Forums will be next, and then Created Listening, Mineboard, and lastly, EnigmaBoard. The main problem is I’m using nginx as the webserver, and all my sites were set up for Apache, so they’ve got htaccesses that need converting, and that’s going to be a bit of a pain, but I think it will be worth it when things are all done.