A few things I really like about Android

I recently ordered a 2013 Nexus 7 off of the Google Play store, and after a week of playing around with it and the awesomeness of Android, here’s a few things I really like about it. And yes, this is a bit of an Android > iOS article, simply because I need to vent my frustrations with iOS after 3 years of using it.

First, music syncing.

On iOS, whenever I wanted to add music to my iPod, I had to install iTunes, set it up, and hook up my iPod, then drag music to it. It’s a very tedious process, and I always need to have a computer around to add stuff to it.

Not so with Android. All I have to do to have my entire music library from my computer on my Nexus 7 is to simply install the Music Manager from Google Play, let it upload everything, and then download what I want on my Nexus 7. I don’t need to have a computer around and whenever I add more music to my computer’s library, it shows up in the Play Music app on my Nexus 7. Pretty damn handy, and it’s free.

I can use any browser I want

A lot of problems I had with iOS involved being limited in some way or having to go through a tedious process (jailbreaking; using iTunes) to do simple things. One of those many things was not being able to use the browser I wanted for everything, in this case Chrome. Although I don’t use the default browser selection feature on Android, I like knowing that if Chrome ever becomes total crap, I can easily switch to something else.

Sharing isn’t limited to what the developer gives you

Android has a global share menu comprised of apps installed on your device. So if you have the Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and even a read-later client installed (like Pocket), you can share to any of them.

Common settings are easy to get to

To enable Airplane Mode or change the brightness and more on iOS, you have to dig through the Settings app to find the specific settings. Not so with Android. Swipe down from the top right of the screen and you get a neat little menu with common toggles for that stuff, and you don’t need to jailbreak/root to get it.

So yeah, really enjoying Android and my Nexus 7. Probably never going to buy an iOS device ever again. /fanboyrant