Rodina's first public alpha is released

2013 is the year of the space games. Or announcements and early previews of them. We’ve got StarCitizen, StarMade, Elite Dangerous, and Space Engineers, among others. And now Rodina.

“Rodina is a space exploration RPG inspired by games like Freelancer, Star Fox, and the Elder Scrolls. It has several cool features that space games typically lack- huge procedural planets you can seamlessly land on, the ability to walk around planets as well as your ship, and customizable ship interiors. It’s being made by Brendan Anthony, who has worked as a game developer for 10 years, and as worked as a gameplay programmer for Bethesda Softworks on such games as TES4: Oblivion and Fallout 3.”

About Rodina

It’s a game I’ve been looking forward to playing since I first saw the tech demo video in early 2012. And today, a playable demo was released:

Definitely looking forward to future developments with this game.