Moving on from Feedly

When Google Reader died, a lot of alternatives came out. The one that was hailed as the best among the many alternatives that sprang up was Feedly, a web-based RSS feed reader. And Feedly worked great in the early days, the interface had its little quirks and the Android app wasn’t great, but it worked.

Fast forward to today, and Feedly hasn’t changed much, and the changes that have happened have been for the worse. The Android app is still garbage, and still shares articles with Feedly’s own URL redirector instead of the actual article link. And they still charge for a small but powerful thing called searching, among other things.

2014-04-19 10_19_30-feedly Pro

InoReader, the best alternative I’ve found, works a lot better. The interface isn’t clunky, they let you search through your articles for free, and they also have a lot more options for customizing the interface. The Android app isn’t garbage, it’s tablet-optimized, and it shares articles using their actual URL.

CommaFeed looks like a good alternative if you want to host your own feed reader and don’t want to depend on online services.

Here’s a great post by Will Chatham about his issues with Feedly, which is worth a read: Adios, Feedly

I’ve switched to InoReader and right now, I don’t see myself looking back. I’ll probably be deleting my Feedly account soon as well.