How to improve font rendering in Chrome 35 on Windows

Published 1 minute read

Chrome was updated to version 35 yesterday, and the Windows version has a new flag called Enable DirectWrite. This flag greatly improves Chrome’s horrible font rendering on Windows, and negates the need for programs like MacType to fix the fonts.

Here’s a before and after comparison on Google Fonts:

2014-05-20 15_23_53-Google Fonts2014-05-20 15_25_31-Google Fonts

Looks nice, eh? Here’s how to enable DirectWrite in Chrome on Windows:

  1. Navigate to chrome://flags
  2. Find Enable DirectWrite, click Enable (or paste this into your address bar: chrome://flags/#enable-direct-write)
  3. Relaunch Chrome (there’s a button at the bottom of the page after you click Enable)
  4. Check out them sexy fonts!

You may see some bugs with this flag but it’s worth the bugs, in my opinion. I did notice a bug on

2014-05-20 15_25_42-WordPress › Meta Slider « WordPress Plugins

And you may see a bug with unstyled selector menus when you scroll them, they might jumble up. So far I haven’t seen that bug since 35 was in beta, so we should be good.