Bike stuff

Today I about impaled myself trying to get new handlebars slipped onto my bike, before I came to the conclusion that diluted soap (as recommended) doesn’t work, you have to use straight concentrated liquid soap to have a chance of getting the suckers on there. Hopefully the soap dries out so they’re not slipping around as much as they are right now, but any water in that soap was just not working.

Got them on though, and they’re pretty nice for cheap crap from Walmart. I also replaced the innertubes, seat, and lights, so now it’s ready to roll. Could use some oil, though, and definitely paint, but I like it looking beat up and looking its age of 20 years so it doesn’t get stolen if I take it places. But the oil is necessary.

Oh, and I got a new job as a maintenance guy at the apartment complex I worked at last year in August. Fun job, picking up after college students and fixing the stuff they break. But it’s a steady full time job, so that’s good. Needed to get the bike fixed up for that so I don’t have to walk the 0.8 miles there when someone calls me in the middle of the night about a lightbulb being out (happens).