ED: Lugh


After seeing this thread about the terrible injustice the Federation has inflicted upon the system of Lugh just by being the dominant faction, I packed up my Eagle with a better frameshift drive and fuel scoop, and made the 100 lightyear trek from Cosi to Lugh.

It wasn’t easy, I kept having to make frequent stops to use my fuel scoop, and sometimes a wanted criminal would catch my eye and off I’d go on a merry chase, but I finally made it. However, I seem to be having difficulty making friends with the faction we’re trying to grow percentage of, so I’ll have to figure something out in the meantime. I may end up having to become an enemy of the Federation in order to accomplish this.

But I have just the ship to help with the fight - I traded in my Eagle for a Viper. And then I promptly rammed a Type 9 Heavy transport outside the station and lost 80% of my HP. And I can’t repair it yet due to only having around 800 credits. And I have a jump to a dangerous system to make to deliver some cargo. Darn.

I shall push through, though. The filthy Feds will not control Lugh any longer.

I also encountered some aliens in the game, it appears they have their ships docked on all the major stations in preparation for a takeover: