ED: Screw Unidentified Signal Sources


Recently I was tasked to eliminate Santa, for he has been wreaking havoc and spreading terror throughout half the galaxy. However, I can’t find him, and that’s due to Elite: Dangerous’s flawed Unidentified Signal Source waypoint system, which pop up randomly while you fly in supercruise around a system. You’re relying on chance to complete kill and retrieve missions, which is stupid. I finally gave up after searching for 12 hours.

Tempting. I got a lot of these doubles. Tempting. I got a lot of these doubles.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been screwed by this game’s RNG. There was a mission back in the Eranin system in Beta 3 that had you go kill Wraak in his federal dropship. I never found him while the mission was active, and then when it expired a couple days later I found him in a USS and died.

There are NPCs in some of the USSs that will hint you towards which system your target is in, but that does little to help you in systems like Sesuang, which has quite a few planets and two suns orbiting each other, with a 26k LY gap.

P14PrMd - Imgur

However, during my search I did find and kill a lot of wanted criminals in the system, and made about 110k cr off of that.

aymwSyJ - Imgur

Traffic in Lugh has also been very high lately, which is cool:

Lugh Traffic

However, one annoying thing about this game is that when you drop out of super cruise and then go back in, all those USSs and NPCs you saw in super cruise the last time disappear, and then slowly repopulate with different ones. It makes zero sense, how do 12 NPCs somehow reach their destinations within 20 seconds? And how do the USSs disappear like that? It’s really aggravating when looking for USSs and when bounty hunting.

Hopefully Frontier fixes these problems.