To Kappa Fornacis!


Last post I made about where I was in Elite: Dangerous, I was headed to Lugh. Long story short, I found fighting in combat zones boring and not very profitable, and left Lugh for greener pastures - in Noatiaca.

Noatiaca is a cool system with two Resource Extraction Sites near a station, and I go to one of the two RESs to hunt bounties. Sometimes it looks like a war is going on, due to pirates and NPCs that are part of the hated Purple Drug Empire.

I’ve been really racking up the bounties there, and recently was able to afford to upgrade my two medium weapons hardpoints on my Cobra to D2 Gimballed Beam Lasers, which are awesome against shields and everything else. I also upgraded the power plant and pretty much everything else in my Cobra since I bought and ditched a Viper before leaving Lugh. I’m very happy with my Cobra and look forward to maxing it out completely soon.

Hunting in Noatiaca is fun, but I’ve begun to yearn for the heat of battle once again. So, upon hearing of a war in Kappa Fornacis, I’ve set a 116ly course across the gal map. I’m looking forward to meeting some fellow commanders there, hopefully I choose the side with more commanders than not, because I suck like that.

3k a target isn’t great, but if there’s a lot of smaller targets there I can probably rack up a decent sum before getting bored again. This time I’ll also have my kill warrant scanner on me, so maybe I can grab a few bounties yet. Besides, I do have some Empire bounties to redeem, and Kappa is in Empire space.

So, it’s off to Kappa Fornacis!