Back to Lugh

After hunting around in Kappa Fornacis for a bit, I returned to Noatiaca to continue my career as an asteroid rat who preys upon the drug lords of The Purple Drug Empire. Soon enough I wanted a change of scenery and began to search for another conflict zone.

In early December last year I went to Lugh after reading a sensational forum post about how we needed to test the persistent universe/free Lugh from the Feds and give it to the Empire. After influence for the Crimson State Group started falling, I left the system for Ho Hsi’s civil war, and then afterwards was made aware of Noatiaca’s glorious hunting grounds by a redditor. Today, I think it’s time to return to Lugh

I made the long trip back and Lugh is still bustling with activity, with multiple conflict zones and a lot of commanders flying around. I think I’ll stay here for a while and help out.

I also made a 20-minute video showing some mundane trip I took to change my weapons up on my Cobra.