Farewell Lugh, again

The fight in Lugh didn’t last very long. There were quite a few combat zones for a session, but the next time I logged in all signs of war had vanished, despite the Crimson State Group faction having 87% influence. Maybe that’s why.

Anyhow, I set out for Kappa Fornacis once again, for the forums told of continued conflict in that system, but alas, when I got there, there was also zero signs of war. Frustrated, I looked up alternate systems, and found the Empire-owned Eotienses system on a conflict zones tracker site. This system actually does have a war going on, and I quickly joined the Empire side in the fight.

Halfway through I decided to switch out my 4 multicannons for class E beam lasers, but they seem to be less effective, so I’m probably going to switch them back.

I’ve also been considering other career courses and becoming an explorer in 1.1. I’m thinking of making the trek out to Alshain to dock inside Jacques’ Station before it makes its maiden voyage out into the stars. Once on it, every time the game goes down for maintenance the station will change systems, and then I will explore neighboring systems within 30-20ly, and will always return to dock within the station for the night. This will suffice as a change of scenery while I’m bored of bounty hunting and mercenary work.

Speaking of 1.1, I’m mildly excited for the update. Jacques’ Station is cool, and the 1000ly increase on the galaxy map route planner is a welcome change. The Python has also been slightly nerfed and trading isn’t as profitable as it was, which makes mining look a lot better, especially with this technique I found on reddit.

I’ve also recently discovered SomaFM, which is an online radio station that supports MP3 and AAC streaming, which is a cool feature I’d never used before. It’s definitely not the best quality audio but it sounds decent enough in my music player, MusicBee. Most people will probably use the online player though. There’s a few stations I like to listen to while playing Elite, and they are Drone Zone and Deep Space One. It’s just some nice ambient music to listen to while playing Elite.

Here’s a few new E:D tools I found: