To Jaques' Station!

In order to fulfill my aspiration to be an explorer in Elite: Dangerous, I sold off my weapons, shield cells, and miscellaneous other combat equipment to buy an Intermediate Discovery Scanner and a Detailed Surface Scanner in Eotienses. I then set off for Alshain, where Jacques’ Station supposedly is, and explored a few systems along the way.

To my surprise Alshain was yet undiscovered.Screenshot_0106

I soon fixed that however.


Alshain was rumored to be where Jaques’ Station is, but apparently it isn’t. I then read on the forum that it’s currently in Lawd 74 orbiting a dwarf star, and since it was only a 14ly jump away, I went there.

Unfortunately, that system was undiscovered too, and the dwarf star wasn’t 100ly away from the main star as Mikey2305 stated on the forum, but rather 200k+ ly away.

Beautiful. Beautiful.

Going Going.

Still going. Still going.

Finally. Finally.

Aha! Aha!

Another unfortunate incident was that I could not locate the station at Lawd 74. Maybe it’s a beta 1.1 only thing, but the 1.1 update releases tomorrow, so we’ll see. Either way, if the station shows up in Lawd 74 or Alshain, I’ll be close by, ready to embark and hang out with Jaques.

Also, I’m probably going to be able to use my new domain,, tomorrow. We’ll see!