The Grand Expedition

I went to the Aries Dark Region and visited the Pleiades Nebula, and then headed back to Lave. Here’s some screenshots from the trip:

Drop Table Users heh SQL jokes

Screenshot_0129 The galactic disc looks beautiful.

Screenshot_0130 It’s actually dark in the Aries Dark Region.

Screenshot_0132 Pleiades is beautiful in a molten blood-soaked diarrhea sort of way.


Screenshot_0134 On the way back, I encountered this system: Turdestani!

Screenshot_0136 Finally reached Lave after an hour or so of jumping.

Screenshot_0137 I’m at 42% due to some fuel scooping accidents and interdictions. Always bring your towel.

Screenshot_0138 Nice lighting around the toaster slot.


Now to sell some data! Doesn’t seem like a lot.

Screenshot_0146 ugh

Screenshot_0147 Meh.

Screenshot_0140 Here we go.

Screenshot_0141 aw yeah bby

Screenshot_0144 nice

Screenshot_0145 ok

Screenshot_0148 eh

Screenshot_0143 Ayyy! that’s what I wanted.

While in Lave, I noticed it was an Alliance-backed station, so I finally got rid of 25k-worth of bounties I had collected back in Noatiaca. So far exploring is pretty profitable, I made about 380k off of that trip to Pleiades.

Next stop? HIP 63081, in an attempt to reach the relative top of the galaxy. I have aspirations to fly above the stars, not just among them.