What's holding me back from going full Microsoft

Microsoft has really made some attractive improvements in their services and devices in the past couple of years, and Windows 10 really solidified their approach. I’ve been considering ditching my dependence on Google and switching to Microsoft for everything, but unfortunately Microsoft just isn’t there yet in my opinion.

Here’s what I’m looking to do:

Here’s what’s stopping me:

Windows Phone:


The only thing here really is location notes with Keep, which I’m sure Cortana would be sufficient, and easy sharing of notes with Onenote (can share URL, but have to open the URL on the web, log into Onenote, and then click Sharing to actually get a shareable URL anyone can view). Also, I couldn’t sync encrypted sections on the Android app, not sure if this applies to Windows Phone as well.



Some additional issues include the fact that Microsoft still trying to forcefully make money off of Office. I wish it was more like Google Docs, which is free. I mean yeah you can edit stuff online with the Office apps but I would prefer the Windows 10 apps to be free. Hard to justify $10 a month for Office when Google Docs is more than sufficient.

Inbox for Gmail is also cool, but I wouldn’t mind using the Windows Mail app.

I’m going to wait a year and see how things improve. Next year I’m probably going to get a new phone around this time, so we’ll see how the hardware and services offering from Microsoft is. The new Lumia 950 devices are cool, but I’m a bit torn on the liquid cooling setup. On one hand I’m like “holy crap, liquid cooling in a phone? that’s badass” and on the other I’m like “holy crap liquid cooling in a phone? get your crap together Qualcomm”.