The magic of Reading View

Microsoft Edge comes with a new Reading View feature which is designed to remove excess content from a page and just give you the article and the images within the article in a much more readable and less distracting format. Other browsers have this feature too (Chrome’s is hidden behind a flag) and a lot of apps run content through Readability before displaying it.

I’m using Edge as my default as an experiment because it’s so quick and no-nonsense. The only issue is that it doesn’t have any extensions support for now, but I’m making due by avoiding sites with annoying ads, and using Reading View on others.

Here’s what the crappy news site The Wall Street Journal looks like by default:

What_the_Future_of_Working_at_Home_May_Look_Like 2015-11-23_18-38-32

Absolutely terrible.

Here’s what it looks like with Reading View turned on:


So much better.