Use email tracking without using your primary email by Shopify is a really handy app for tracking pages. It features integration with Gmail, where you can hook it up to your main Gmail account and it will automatically find any shipping notification emails and add the tracking numbers to the app.

This integration concerns me though, giving this app access to the account most of my online accounts are attached to isn’t a good idea for security. While I’m sure the Shop team has gone to great lengths to make the integration secure, I don’t want to take the risk.

So, I made a new Gmail account to hook up the app to, and then set forwarding rules from my main Gmail account to send tracking emails there.

Here’s how you can set it up yourself:

  1. Create a new Gmail account
  2. Add the new Gmail account to
  3. Add the new Gmail account as a forwarding address to your primary Gmail account (keep forwarding turned off though, you only want to forward some of your messages, we’ll set that up in the next step)
  4. Add the forwarding rules to your primary Gmail below, forwarding to your new Gmail for package tracking:
Matches: subject:(your amazon order #* has shipped)
Do this: Forward to <yourtrackingemail>
Matches: /fedextrack/
Do this: Forward to <yourtrackingemail>
Matches: your order has shipped
Do this: Forward to <yourtrackingemail>

These rules cover all my orders, however in your specific case you may need to tweak or add additional rules depending on where you shop at. If any fall through the cracks, just manually forward them to your tracking email.