Another Luke.Work Redesign - v5

I redesigned my site again! Just last month I released Luke.Work v4, where I made the jump from WordPress to Eleventy and Tailwind CSS.

The old design was wild - it featured a sky, mountains, desert, beach, and ocean. It was a cool design and ultimately restricted me in some ways, most notably the header navigation. I never added the nav because I couldn’t figure out a way to add it that looked good.

This new design is completely flat, no gradients - other than a stylish text effect for the hero.

I added some free illustrations I found online. The hero illustration is modified from PixelTrue.

I started working on the new design when I had an idea for a web design subscription service - and then I realized it would be better if I branched it off into its own project and give it a name.

It’s called 🍋 Webonade and I’m super excited about it. It will be a full-service offering where you can just subscribe with no “design fee” or deposit, and get a new website design, or management for your existing site. It will include hosting, support, and multiple plans to fit your needs.

I’m planning to market it more towards startups and medium-to-large businesses and organizations - as a more affordable alternative to hiring a full-time designer or agency.

As for this site, I wanted to make it more about me and bring it back to its roots of being a personal site and blog. I need to add an RSS feed for the blogroll, especially since Chrome is adding a reader.