Coding fonts comparison

Coding Fonts

Following CSS Tricks’s acquisition by Digital Ocean, it seems some projects on their domain have had their DNS entries removed, including their handy Coding Fonts comparison site.

Fortunately, the site’s source is on GitHub, and I forked it under the MIT license and put it up on CloudFlare Pages. You can view the new site here.

While the code is under the MIT license, the CSS Tricks logo and brand is not, so I removed them to avoid potential issues there, while still acknowledging Chris Coyier’s work. I’m maintaining this for my own personal use, but you are free to use it as well, and open PRs with new fonts or fixes.

Some fonts don’t work, and I think it’s due to missing external stylesheets provided by font sellers for licensing reasons. The non-working fonts include:

At some point I will update the site’s packages or rebuild it in Hugo; it currently uses a year-old version of 11ty.

My new preferred coding font

I’ve been a religious Hack user since it came out in 2015, though I also like Cascadia Code, Menlo, and JetBrains Mono.

I went hunting for the Coding Fonts site because I wanted to see how SF Mono (shipped with macOS) compared with the rest of them, and then I discovered Recursive, which is now my current coding font. I use the Duotone version for fancy Markdown headers.