British Post Punk

Some of my favorite bands from across the pond.

Courting’s new track, Tennis, is excellent, and it looks like they have a new album coming out in September, amusingly titled Guitar Music. Popshop! is another great track by them.

They’re a UK post-punk band, which has been one of my favorite genres these last couple of years. Their new track inspired me put together a list of similar British post-punk bands I like:

With the exception of Dry Cleaning, these bands share a similar vocal style, more or less. I would describe it as enthusiastically wild, not quite sticking to the rhythm, yet still bringing it home where it counts. I’m not sure if this is a common trait of post-punk, or the British variety, but I love the playful style, and I’m eager to find more music in the same vein.

Dry Cleaning takes the loose vocal style a step farther, with spoken word on top of post-punk. And it works so well, that I said the same thing when I mentioned them in the April music section.