Stranger Things S4 - Vol. 1

I just finished watching the first part of the fourth season of Stranger Things, and I have to say, it’s worth a watch. While I think the first season is by far the best of the series, season four is shaping up to be excellent, and if Volume 2 delivers, it might beat season one for me.

The character dialog could use better writing in some parts, for sure, and there’s some predictable things. I also think it has a slow ramp-up, it only got good for me in the last 4 episodes. But the plot has got me hooked again, in a way that seasons 2 and 3 didn’t. And that part in episode 4 with Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush was incredible, and now I understand why I’ve seen her mentioned a lot lately.

Speaking of seasons 2 and 3, I barely remember them. I remember some of what happened in the series finale, but until I read the episode titles today I would not have been able to recall any of it, which either says a lot about how lacking the plot was, or my memory. Either way, I don’t think they were good, but season 4 is redeeming the show for me, and I suggest giving it a watch.

If you’re like me, you’re probably going to scoff at the computer scenes, though. The film industry is infamous for not getting that stuff right, and season 4 of Stranger Things has some strange things. From the future, even. Like HTML with CSS Flexbox in 1986:

Screenshot showing HTML code on an Amiga computer. Copyright Netflix

I had to explore the URL mentioned in the code, I’m pleased to report I was not let down by what I found there.