Lauren and I visited the local Comic-Con today. While smaller and less populated (a good thing these days) than some of the other ones we’ve been to, we saw some cool stuff there.

Lauren and Luke at Comic-con

I was fascinated by the acrylic sheet prints they had, it’s neat how well they catch the light, and look so vivid. The disguised UV lamps hanging 10 feet up exaggerated the effect, sure, but there were a few prints on the floor leaning just under the table that looked great without the help.

Acrylic prints at comic-con

I think it would be hard to keep an acrylic print from getting scratched or cracked without framing it and reducing the effect from the light, so I wouldn’t buy one. But they do look good.

We did pick up some other prints, made out of trees. The first two are some of my favorite games, Bioshock and Elden Ring, and the last one is Castlevania, the Netflix version.

A set of posters

There was also a booth that sold Lego figurines, including some of the old Star Wars and dinosaur sets I remember owning around 2000.

At the top of my Christmas list at that time was a Darth Vader figurine, which Lauren bought for me at Comic-con:

Darth Vader Lego-like figurine

One great thing about the smaller Comic-Cons: Wil Wheaton isn’t there to interrupt you.