A trip to the bookstore

Lauren and I went to Barnes & Noble today.

Starbucks in the middle of the store was strange, but genius at the same time. She likes the Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso, and my preference is the Chocolate Cream Cold Brew, which is more budget-friendly in terms of spoken word count.

Drinks in hand, we headed straight to the Lego section, where they had Avatar-themed sets. The mech suit knife fight set was featured.

Two aisles behind the Lego sets were the computer books. We ended up coming home with four of them.

Photo of a cat among four books

Lauren wants to dive into Learn Python Visually, which features neat generative art projects that use Processing.py. I’m excited to over-optimize my life by reading Automate The Boring Stuff with Python, and I hope Data Structures The Fun Way gives me a good idea of common data patterns. Or at least some clue on how to do the Texas Two-Step when shuffling arrays.

The gigantic Excel book is for both of us: Lauren’s work makes heavy use of Excel, and I’m excited about the upcoming Eve Online integration.

I thought it was unusual that they didn’t have any books on writing JavaScript; the closest they had was a book on WebAssembly. I was surprised to see a book about networking with Go, which is more niche.

I read the back cover of The Chicago Manual of Style, and was intrigued by the amount of technical stuff involved (I saw XML mentioned). I’m adding it to the wishlist that lives in my head, because I’m not sure if I could make it through the entire tome. Though it’s hard to tell, I’ve lately been interested in writing moar gooder.

This was a fun trip! We want to start doing programming stuff out of the books regularly on Saturdays. I briefly thought of creating a whole site to put our generative art on, but that’s putting the cart before the horse, or the site before the content. We’ll see.