Customizing Vivaldi's context menus

Moving the dev tools to the root of the menu.

I love a lot about Vivaldi, a Chromium-based browser created by ex-Opera people “for our friends”.

I maintain that Opera 12 with the Presto engine was the best browser ever made, and several of Vivaldi’s power user features are inspired by ones that Opera Presto pioneered, notably in the tab management area.

One small annoyance I had recently with Vivaldi is that the browser dev tools are hidden by default behind a submenu in the page context menu. I’m right-click-slamming “Inspect” on page elements throughout the day, and this added hurdle, equivalent to walking a tightrope with my mouse cursor, won’t do.

Screenshot of the page context menu in Vivaldi 6.0.2979.11

Fortunately, you can customize many of the menus in Vivaldi, including this one:

  1. Head to SettingsAppearance (vivaldi://settings/appearance/)
  2. Under MenuMenu Customization, select Page from the select menu
  3. In the Content pane below, scroll down to the end and select ‌[Developer Tools] (as Subfolder)
  4. Right-click on [Developer Tools] and uncheck Show as Subfolder

Here’s what the Settings page looks like:

Screenshot of the Menu settings page in Vivaldi 6.0.2979.11

Now the page context menu looks like this:

Screenshot of the page context menu in Vivaldi 6.0.2979.11