Astigmatism and dark mode

In Why ‘dark mode’ causes more accessibility issues than it solves | Medium, H. Locke outlines issues users with astigmatism face when using interfaces with light text on dark backgrounds.

I have astigmatism, and it’s great to have a name for the annoying “halation” effect that I experience with dark mode. And this effect will persist for a few seconds when I look away from the screen: I’ll see an afterimage of dark rectangles that match the lines of light-colored text I was reading.

I still use dark mode at night. I noticed the issues are less pronounced on LCD screens; OLED screens have better contrast but that makes the effect worse for me, on top of the ghosting effect that plagued the OLED screens I used. This is why I advocate for dark gray or similar background colors, because absolute black #000 on OLED makes both the halation and ghosting effects more pronounced.

Unfortunately with terminals, the most compatible option are dark themes. Some tools expect your terminal to have a dark background, and trying to use them with a light theme results in poor contrast or other issues.