Thoughts on Barbenheimer

I saw Oppenheimer and Barbie with Lauren, Molly, and Mina this past weekend, with a break at Cheddar’s. Seeing two films in one day was exhausting, but we all had a great time.


I have seen most of Christopher Nolan’s films, and this one shows his signature style: big sound, close shots, non-linear story progression. And the main character climbing a ladder. These style choices are polarizing, and they’ve worked well in other Nolan films, but fell flat in Oppenheimer.

The cinematography was excellent, the music was incredible, and I learned stuff. These things are great on their own, but failed to combine in a satisfactory way. The Nolan style exaggerated the scenes too much, adding tension that wasn’t present in the writing.

While I think it was worth the watch, I wouldn’t jump to watch it again, and certainly not in IMAX.


I love beach.

Excellent movie, thoroughly enjoyed it. It was pink, it was fun, and it broke the fourth wall in a good way. Kate McKinnon’s character was hilarious. Ryan Gosling is Ken. Tired of seeing Will Ferrell. And wow, way too many GM vehicles.

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