Dave The Diver

I’m reely enjoying this game.

Screenshot from Dave The Diver, showing a diver diving. The art is 8-bit inspired.

I’m diving for fish, which I catch with a harpoon gun. Sometimes they struggle and I have to mash a button to reel them in. Sometimes they fight me. Sometimes I bring big gun. And sometimes I win.

Screenshot showing the interior of the sushi shop. Multiple patrons are waiting for their food with speech bubbles above their heads.
Screenshot of a cutscene from Dave The Diver. A skilled sushi craftsman prepares to amaze.

When I’m done diving, it’s time for sushi. Not for me; it’s for our guests at the sushi counter. A skilled professional with insane cutscenes makes it. I keep the green tea flowing.

The sushi shop is a front though. The money it earns gets fed to a criminal weapons dealer, who gives me more guns to wage war upon the depths with. I have to be efficient with my limited air supply, and I keep taking on side jobs. Greater firepower is what I need.

Screenshot of a cutscene from Dave The Diver. A weapons dealer adjusts his glasses.

The jams are pumped, and the fish are plenty. Dave The Diver is available on Steam, and I recommend it.

I spent some time setting up Sunshine on my PC last night, so I could stream the game to my Xbox in the living room. Screenshots are an exercise (I have to run from the living room to my office to hit F12), so I had to borrow some press materials for this article.