Favorite fonts

Kev Quirk and Nathan Magand wrote down some fonts they like, and I like fonts too, so here we go.

Recursive Sans

This is the one in use on my site. I love this font and how customizable it is; it’s a five-axis variable font. You can go from a serious-looking sans (Linear) to almost Comic Sans-level markerness (Casual), and the weight goes up to 1000. They distribute a monospaced Duo version that I used it in my text editor for a while.


IBM Plex Sans and Mono

I have trouble recognizing Plex when it’s in use, which is a plus! Their website goes into the history of fonts at IBM and how they took inspiration from their electric typewriters.



With its heavy weights and fun characters, it’s a great alternative to overused multipurpose sans-serifs like Montserrat or Inter.


JetBrains Mono

This is the one I’ve been using for coding and in the terminal. It doesn’t distract me and it’s legible at small sizes.


San Francisco

This is an Apple system font and I like it because it isn’t Helvetica and it looks great.


New York

Another Apple system font, and my favorite serif. The letters group together well and it doesn’t use excessive flourishes.

iA Writer Quattro

The nicest semi-proportional font for writing, and included with iA Writer. It’s based on IBM Plex.


Final fonts

My favorites are monospace or monospace-inspired, followed by sans-serifs and one serif. I’m picky about serifs; the few I like are New York, Georgia, Iowan, and Arizona Serif. A lot of them exaggerate the serif parts (the little marks at the end of the strokes) too much for my liking, or are too thin.

There’s a number of fonts I don’t like and I use a browser extension to replace them on sites that use them; I wrote about those here.