I rejoined Tumblr

I can’t remember when I deleted my original Tumblr account, but it was at the height of Yahoo/Verizon’s takeover. It didn’t make sense to have a blog I didn’t control, and Twitter and Reddit were more interesting at the time.

Since then, Automattic, the company behind WordPress, bought Tumblr and turned things around. It’s not the most pleasant experience (ads), and I wish the Missing E browser extension was still around, but Tumblr has changed and I’ve changed.

I rejoined Tumblr a few weeks ago and I’ve been having a blast reblogging photos of cool architecture, print design/typography, infrared photography, interiors of dysfunctional homes that remind me of the one I grew up in, and the latest gossip around Ryan Gosling as Ken in the upcoming Barbie movie. I’m not sure where else to get this kind of Luke-tailored content.

The cool thing about my new mindset around this is that I don’t care if Tumblr goes to shit again—I have little to no content of my own on my tumblog, and if I do start posting OC I’ll mirror it on my own website. Right now it’s a dump of inspiration and cool stuff, and I love going back and digging through it.

The iOS app is absolutely horrendous, and gets slower the longer you scroll, but I consider that a feature! Every time the app gets choppy or resets my place on my dash, I stop using Tumblr for the day. In the browser, I have infinite scroll turned off, and I don’t get further than a couple pages.

Also: there’s a button at the top of the dash labeled “click for frogs”, and it delivers.