Science fiction, double feature

I went with Lauren to an Alamo Drafthouse showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) last night. The tables in front of the seats had inflatable saxophones and party hats, and for the rain scene, newspaper and filled waterguns. Super fun!

I hadn’t seen the original movie before. I had seen bits and pieces of the play when I worked at a theatre, and the full play this time last year. I skipped the virgin ritual both for the play and the movie, I just can’t stand the feeling of marker or whatever on my skin. But wow the movie is good. It’s Tim Curry’s first live-action role, which was interesting for me because I grew up watching him in Muppet Treasure Island. He’s got range.

By far my favorite part of the movie is the turkey dinner scene, and I’ll have to remember the toast “To absent friends!” if I’m ever put on the spot to make one.