I got my van stuck in the mud this morning. We’ve had a lot of heavy rain lately from tropical storm Harold, and things were drying up until last night when more rain appeared. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning under threat of a no-show fee; I felt like I had to try and make it.

A road crew has been working on our street lately, which used to be a collection of craters growing grass. I had carefully felt around before backing out and the ground felt solid enough for me, but my van promptly sank.

I’m thankful the road crew showed up today and that they were eager to assist myself and others with getting unstuck.

There’s a national shortage of ADHD meds and I’ve been out since June, after several months of going through the trial process for alternatives. I was hoping to discuss more alternatives today. I feel like my minivan, stuck and spinning my wheels, trying to make things happen with enormous amounts of mental effort, but my brain’s wiring has other plans.

I also feel stuck in Corpus. We have plans to move to Chicago, and I’m hoping we can make that happen before summer next year. I recently returned from moving my sibling to Chicago, and they’re thriving. They moved up there with no plan and landed a job within three weeks. That’s inspiring, and I’m proud of them.

The minivan is back in the driveway and the doctor’s appointment is rescheduled several weeks out. I’m glad I don’t depend on a job with a commute, otherwise I’m sure today would have been worse. Things will get better, I just need to find the spoons to make it happen.