Moving to Chicago

We signed a lease last night for an apartment in Chicago! We’re excited to get moved up there and have been packing. The goal is to get everything boxed up and out of here by the middle of March. Gotta sell the house too, which may or may not be done by the time we move. Fingers crossed.

Six months ago I drove a U-Haul from Corpus to Chicago and I’ll be doing it again soon. Last time it was for my sibling, and this time my destination is one building down the street. It’s in the Uptown neighborhood and the L is within walking distance. We’ll be taking Vanellope with us and I’m curious if we can go without a vehicle eventually.

Among many other things we are excited to live in a place that is not afflicted by tiny black ants ten months out of the year. They are a scourge in Corpus and it has been an impossible task to get rid of them. There are many more issues with Corpus and Texas in general I’d love to list but that will have to wait. I’m sure I’ll have a similar list for Illinois at some point, but the hope is I’ll have more good things to balance it out.

In depressing news our cat Serena’s congestive heart failure has progressed and she may not live through the summer. We’re making her as comfortable as we can and she is an active and happy kitty. Her sister Doughboy succumbed to the same issue in October 2022. I am not over the loss of Doughboy and it has been incredibly difficult seeing signs of decline in Serena; she’s 3 years old. We’ve located a dedicated cat hospital in Chicago for emergencies. It’s incredible that such a place exists.

After we move I need to buckle down and find another job. I’ll be looking for whatever wherever whenever to get my anxiety about rent under control, and then work on my programming skills on the side, which is more of what I’ve been doing ever since I started working. Tech industry layoffs have me apprehensive about the future but I can get ready for the next upswing. I’m reconsidering the whole front end developer thing and have been researching jobs in Go or Python, both of which I have a fledgling understanding of. The grass is so vividly green in my mind right now. I’ll still be applying to front end developer jobs because that’s what I have the most experience with.

Anyway if I disappear from the internet for the next couple months that’s what’s happening. Y’all have fun now.