Music blogs which aren’t Pitchfork

As a former converse-wearing, jean-jacket-sporting wannabe-but-don’t-wannabe hipster hailing from Austin with music opinions and an endless supply of hyphens, I’m pretty bummed about the Pitchfork “restructuring”. I looked forward to their “Best New Album/Track” posts and they’ve shaped a significant amount of my music interests (I don’t like the word “taste”) over the last ten years.

There’s always alternatives though, and a few have been around for nearly as long as Pitchfork has. I loaded up the duck-themed junk finder and typed in “music blog”, and I’m honestly surprised at how decent the results were. Then I chucked in one I remembered from a WordPress dot com featured list. I barely found it, thank past Luke for putting a link in my listen-later list. Here’s the resulting list of sites with opinionated words about, and constant recommendations of, new music.

I wish everyone used the incredible Songlink service to link to music, but at the same time maybe it’s best to slow down and enjoy the tunes.

What’s your favorite music blog? Do you have opinions about the sites I linked? I want to hear about it.