Wonderful Word Wranglers

Recently I added some interesting publications to my RSS reader. One of them would have you know that they’re not happy with RSS—especially “༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ give FEED” reply guys, a personal trait I most definitely need to work on—but buried deep within their Very Good Blog™ lies a feed.

A particular VC-funded long sandwich company has stirred up a bunch of noise I’d very much like to avoid diving into as I’m thoroughly bored of this cycle, but the submary for when I read this in a few years (never) is that they made subpar decisions about dealing with subliterates on their platform and their subordinate sandwich makers realized, ‘oh swiss, I can subsist elsewhere with less bologna’. While this subcks for both writers and readers leaving, I live for these platform splits because lists of cool people start surfacing to get things ramped up again at the new digs.

Here’s my own list of wonderful word wranglers, including a few I’ve been reading for a long time and newcomers I found walking around in a daze muttering, “toasted or untoasted?”