Luke's favorite blogs

Blogs I’m reading

Blogs I read and enjoy, in no particular order.

Bradley Taunt

Web design

Bradley writes about his unconventional approach to things, like how he blogs the hard way and the sausage menu.

Bryce Wray

Static site generators

Bryce spends a lot of time tinkering with SSGs so I don’t have to (but I still do anyway, fueled by his posts).

Brain Baking

Tech, personal

Wouter writes about self-hosting, retro videogaming, and software engineering.

Minutes to Midnight

Web design, music, blogging

Simone writes about music (including his own!), web design, and video games.

Julia Evans

Linux, CLI tools, technology

Julia writes about Linux, cool terminal tools, and cheerily explains the intricacies of different protocols and technologies.

Kev Quirk

Blogging, technology, web design

Kev writes about blogging, web design, and privacy.


Cool links

I’ve been following Kottke in one form or another for the last 12 years. He shares cool links spanning art, technology, and culture.

Low Tech Magazine


The articles are cool but the main reason I read this site is the fact that it’s solar powered and goes offline sometimes.

Nicholas Danes

Technology, privacy, apple

Nick writes about technology, his workflow, privacy, and using Apple stuff.

The Daily WTF


A site about programming nonsense. I particularly enjoy their Error’d series.

Dave Rupert

Web design, personal

Dave writes about web design, productivity, and personal updates.


Blogging, technology, general

I really enjoyed Matt’s articles on blogging regularly and staying secure while having a backup plan.

Blogs I miss

Blogs that are rarely updated or no longer in use.

Ruby on Wheels

Van life and working remotely

I loved the posts on this blog about van life. This guy built two vans, started in Germany, and traveled as far as northern Africa.

It inspired me to seriously look into this myself, and I almost bought and built a cargo trailer for this purpose. 2017 was wild.

Tania Rascia

Web development, React

Tania still posts, but it’s pretty rare these days. I really enjoyed her posts on web development and her workflow.

Eric Portis

Web design, photography

Eric made his own font for headings on his site, and I really like his site design. His post about responsive images really helped me.