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Total Posts Published 224
Total Words Written 93,643 (that's almost 2 novellas)
Average Words per Post 418
First Post Published Teh First Post published on 2011-03-12
Longest Post Published How to make static site publishing easier with 2999 words

Posts Per Year

Year Number of Posts
2011 55
2012 17
2013 10
2014 15
2015 22
2016 2
2020 13
2021 13
2022 71
2023 6

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web50 software40 personal34 tech30 gaming23 meta23 apple20 windows16 elite13 firefox12 projects12 mac10 updates9 hugo6 email5 enigmaboard4 safari4 ux4 keyboards3 links3 macos3 mastodon3 music3 orion3 shell3 sublime text3 whoops3 arc2 bookmarking2 browsers2 comiccon2 devops2 eleventy2 indieweb2 jamstack2 photo2 python2 showcase2 twitter2 vs code2 winget2 wordpress2 a11ty1 ai1 analog1 art1 books1 brave1 cooking1 css1 design1 eve1 excel1 finance1 freelancing1 hvac1 ia writer1 jinja1 linux1 mineboard1 monitoring1 obsidian1 passwords1 pelican1 powershell1 productivity1 rss1 search1 shortcuts1 steam1 tv1 vim1 vivaldi1 washer1 whirlpool1